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UPD Chief Linda Stump-Kurnick
October 11, 2017

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

Please allow us to share some additional information regarding the Richard Spencer speaking event scheduled for Oct. 19. 

The event is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

We are operating campus with modifications consistent with current circumstances; campus will be open and classes will be in session.

The safety and security of everyone on campus is paramount. Leading up to the event and after, there will be a substantial police presence at UF, much larger than normal. UF Police along with local, state and federal agencies have developed robust security plans aimed at stopping potential disturbances before they start.

Lawbreakers will be subject to immediate arrest and prosecution. Law enforcement has created a long list of prohibited items within the area bordered by SW 34th Street, Radio Road, and Museum Drive. For details go to

See the attached ROAD CLOSURE MAP of campus road closures which will begin at 8 a.m. on Oct. 19. The Gainesville Police Department also may close segments of SW 34th Street.

Event attendees will be swept by metal detectors.

No one without a ticket will be allowed into the Phillips Center. Ticket information will be shared when it is available.

If you see something out of the ordinary, report it to police by dialing 911.

Report any threatening calls to 352-392-1111.

The university continues to monitor any and all information that could threaten the safety of our campus community.

Carry your Gator 1 identification Oct. 18, 19 and 20 as entry into some buildings, including the Reitz Union, will require swipe access or a UF ID. More info can be found here. This applies to students, faculty and staff. 

For the event on Oct. 19, all the Cultural Plaza parking lots and garage will be closed. 

Additionally, commuters will not be allowed to park in the lot behind the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center. Faculty, staff and students who normally park there or at the Cultural Plaza are encouraged to take a bus to campus from a different location that day. There are numerous bus routes and available parking along 13th Street, University Avenue, and Archer Road. Limited, temporary parking may be identified for faculty and staff with valid parking decals at a later date.

With the road closures of parts of Hull Road and Bledsoe Drive on Oct. 19, Gainesville’s Regional Transit System has announced the following changes to the bus schedule:

  • Route 117 (2 buses) - CLOSED
  • Route 118 (4 buses) - CLOSED
  • Route 119 (1 bus) - CLOSED
  • Route 125 (2 buses) - CLOSED
  • Route 20 (5 buses) - detoured to Radio Road
  • Route 21 (4 buses) - detoured to Radio Road
  • Route 28 (4 buses) - detoured to Radio Road
  • Route 33 (4 buses) - detoured to Radio Road

Please be aware that route detours and/or cancellations may happen quickly.  For up-to-the-minute updates, go to or follow them on Facebook. 

Campus classes will proceed on schedule except for some closures/cancellations related to proximity to the event including Fifield Hall, Entomology, Microbiology and the IFAS complex of buildings south of Hull Road. No other facility closures have been approved. Any closing considerations would need to be vetted and approved through the Office of the Chief Operating Officer.

We understand that this event and possible protest provoke fear. Faculty are asked to be understanding with students on a case-by-case basis. Faculty should not cancel classes without consulting with their Dean. 

We encourage you to speak up with your voices in support of our proudly diverse community and the values of this institution. We also encourage you to avoid the event. Don’t let the University of Florida be defined by Richard Spencer.

Keep up with the latest information at

Chief Linda J. Stump-Kurnick
Assistant Vice President of Public and Environmental Safety

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